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Compounded Medications

What is Compounding?

It is a type of science that modifies a medication to suit the specific need of the patient. Compounding allows a medication to have its dosage weakened or strengthened, flavored for pediatric patients, a particular ingredient substituted. It can also recreate an unavailable medication and many more.

Compounded medication can take the form of the following:

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Formulations
  • Bladder Instillations
  • GI Tube Suspensions
  • Urethral Inserts
  • Freezer Pops
  • Lip Balms
  • Pediatric Dosages
  • Geriatric Dosages
  • Medicated Lollipops
  • Hospice Formulations
  • Gluten Free Formulations
  • Preservative-Free Formulas
  • Sugar-Free Preparations
  • Sterile Injections
  • Medicated Lozenges and Troches
  • Modified Release Capsules
  • Creams, Lotions, and Gels

Avail of our compounding services when you drop by Community Pharmacy any time. You may call us at (908) 469-6363 for more information or simply talk with our pharmacists or technicians at our store.